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how to implement a drug testing service

Many organisations struggle with drug and alcohol policy development, corporate communications, stakeholder consultation, articulating the program to staff, dealing with questions surrounding privacy & medications and the mechanics of getting a program kicked off. There are a myriad of pitfalls

Why introduce a workplaces drug testing service?

Workplaces engage a drug testing service for a variety of reasons. Usually, they engage in testing because they have been forced by circumstances to do so. They might have discovered evidence that there is use in the workplace. They might be compelled in certain industries (such as construction) to conduct drug testing.

4 Common Drug and Alcohol Policy Mistakes

In this article we present the 4 most common mistakes that occur in drug and alcohol policies. Unfortunately; drug testing policies tend to be inherited from other peers, downloaded from the internet or formulated from scratch by experts in a particular field (eg Legal) however lack the technical understanding required to create a fully compliant and technically correct policy.