Tips about drug testing policy development

Implementing a world class drug testing service

There are a number of considerations when implementing a drug testing service. One of the most overlooked aspects is usually monitoring the performance of the drug testing service itself. To do this, world class programs tend to include statistical analysis and reporting to ensure that the program’s goals and objectives are being met

4 essential tips for your drug & alcohol policy

A good drug and alcohol policy guides expectations, responsibilities and conduct and although possibly one of the most important components of a good drug and alcohol program is often the most problematic. In this article we present 4 essential tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes.

4 Common Drug and Alcohol Policy Mistakes

In this article we present the 4 most common mistakes that occur in drug and alcohol policies. Unfortunately; drug testing policies tend to be inherited from other peers, downloaded from the internet or formulated from scratch by experts in a particular field (eg Legal) however lack the technical understanding required to create a fully compliant and technically correct policy.