National On-Site Drug & Alcohol Testing Service

Fit4Duty is the only national, NATA accredited and quality assured drug test service in Australia with Collection personnel who are health professionals and direct employees.

Fit4Duty has an outstanding and completely unblemished track record for more than 19 years of operation throughout Australia.

We provide an extensive range of compliant testing services, equipment and education and have extensive scientific, medico-legal and administrative support.

Most importantly, we are pleasant to deal with and we get results. We can even help you if you don’t have a policy/ procedure in place yet or if you just need some guidance.

Please contact us, let us know your requirements and discover why Fit4Duty is Australia’s leading drug test service.

Drug & Alcohol Strategy

A comprehensive drug and alcohol strategy reaches far beyond testing alone. In fact performing testing without also performing on-going education and adopting other behavioural tools is unlikely to establish a culture of drug and alcohol free work.

A myriad of academics state that drug testing of itself does not adequately address the issue of workplace drug and alcohol use.

Modern programs now go far beyond simply performing a test and leaving the HR department to handle positive test results.

Employee assistance programs perform a fantastic function. However they are often not used except when enforced after an initial positive test or are required to operate under such a shroud of secrecy that the employer cannot obtain the necessary insights into potential triggers which might have circumvented the use in the first place.

Of course people have consumed drugs of different sorts for thousands of years – the key in an effective strategy is to establish a culture which ensures that this usage does not impact upon workplace safety and to have that culture continually reinforced and entrenched.

Please contact us for more information about ways in which we can enhance your program beyond the traditional “testing” approach.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Preparing a drug and alcohol policy & procedure from the “ground up” can be an onerous task. Fit4Duty can make this process simple and easy.

A Drug Test Policy (sometimes called a “Workplace Drug & Alcohol Policy”,  “Fitness for Duty Policy” or a variety of other titles) is extremely important if you intend to conduct drug & alcohol testing in your organisation.

Virtually all legal challenges in Australia regarding drug and alcohol testing firstly explore the content of the drug test policy and supporting procedure to determine if the policy is technically correct and if the Company actually complied with its policy consistently and fairly.

Unfortunately, developing and maintaining a technically correct drug & alcohol policy is quite complicated, even for people who are quite skilled in policy development. Even the largest organisations make simple but potentially catastrophic errors in drug & alcohol policy documents.

We can assist you by reviewing an existing policy, helping you develop one from scratch – we even have a template available for new Customers.


Drug & Alcohol Test Reports

Fit4Duty can supply a comprehensive and secure drug test report after every visit, including statistical analysis and other annual or quarterly reports

Automatically after every visit we provide a comprehensive drug and alcohol test report statistics detailing:

  • The participants that were tested, their individual results, their employment status (contractor or direct employee).
  • A comprehensive statistical breakdown of aggregate results and the composition of employees or contractors.

You can easily identify any problem groups and understand specific test results in a simple summarised format.

Periodical Drug Test Reports – we can provide regular monthly drug test reports or  summary program performance statistics by State, Business Group and any desired date range.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Equipment

Many organisations operate a hybrid model; combining external testing agencies for random and monitoring testing as well as incorporating internal testing staff for post-incident and on-suspicion testing. To facilitate internal testing many organisations benefit from the training mentioned below as well as using specialist drug and alcohol testing equipment.

The business; “Drug & Alcohol Testing Equipment” performs exactly this function – the supply of specialist drug and alcohol testing kits and equipment for use by individuals or within organisations for workplace drug and alcohol testing requirements.

The equipment includes;

  • Urine Drug Testing Kits – individual cassettes that test for single drug classes or multiple drug classes within the one kit or test cups that integrate both integrity testing (creatinine/ pH/ SG/ nitrites etc) as well as performing a drug test across all drug classes in the Australian Standard.
  • Saliva Drug Testing Kits – a variety of saliva (oral fluid) based drug screening devices that can be perfomed on-site.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing Devices – a variety of alcohol breath testing devices including hand held and wall mounted units.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Equipment can be contacted directly using this link

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Programs & Training

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Education Programs

Drug awareness training is a key to addressing effective communication about the risks of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Many Industrial Relations/ Fair Work Australia cases relating to drug & alcohol testing focus upon the communication of the policy and program to staff to determine the extent that staff were aware of the policy and program.

Employee drug and alcohol awareness training is an effective means of communicating the company’s drug & alcohol program to their employees.

Employee drug awareness training should include:

  • health and safety information about the major drugs that compromise workplace safety
  • the testing method to be used and the circumstances when testing will occur
  • privacy protection measures for participants in testing
  • ramifications in the event of a default in the Company’s drug testing policy
  • resolving the many myths of drug and alcohol testing
  • alleviating other concerns that personnel might have prior to commencing the program.

Fit4Duty has extensive experience performing employee drug and alcohol awareness education programs throughout Australia, in a diverse range of workplaces.

Accredited Collector Training

For organisations seeking to supplement external testing with testing conducted by their own personnel (for post-incident purposes etc), the Drug Testing Institute is the leading provider of collector training and can be reached through this link