Articles about implementing and improving a drug testing service

how to implement a drug testing service

Many organisations struggle with drug and alcohol policy development, corporate communications, stakeholder consultation, articulating the program to staff, dealing with questions surrounding privacy & medications and the mechanics of getting a program kicked off. There are a myriad of pitfalls

Implementing a world class drug testing service

There are a number of considerations when implementing a drug testing service. One of the most overlooked aspects is usually monitoring the performance of the drug testing service itself. To do this, world class programs tend to include statistical analysis and reporting to ensure that the program’s goals and objectives are being met

Why introduce a workplaces drug testing service?

Workplaces engage a drug testing service for a variety of reasons. Usually, they engage in testing because they have been forced by circumstances to do so. They might have discovered evidence that there is use in the workplace. They might be compelled in certain industries (such as construction) to conduct drug testing.

3 steps in communicating drug testing service

There are many areas where mistakes can occur in communicating a drug testing service and program to your staff.
In this article we present 3 guiding steps to help you avoid the usual pitfalls. Having the right message, extensive consultation and communication are some of the key areas which will ensure that you communicate your program properly.

11 Steps for a bullet proof drug testing service

Drug and Alcohol Testing is a fine balance between compliance and accuracy and human interaction. In this article we present an 11 step framework to assist you in creating a bullet proof drug testing program. The most effective programs are those that address all of these steps.