How to implement a drug testing service

there are no such things as little mistakes in drug testing programs…

Many organisations struggle with drug and alcohol policy development, corporate communications, stakeholder consultation, articulating the program to staff, dealing with questions surrounding privacy & medications and the mechanics of getting a program kicked off.

Many Potential Pitfalls:

There are a myriad of pitfalls from the outset which can be easily avoided. The most common error starts in adopting incorrect terminology and technical aspects in drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures. Often these are sourced from incorrect technical information received or inherited from other programs, so the errors can become somewhat viral.

Further complications can emerge from inadequate stakeholder engagement or endeavours to implement a testing program that is either too rigid or inadequate. Some programs simply lack clear goals & objectives and aren’t adequately monitored from the outset.

Getting Started:

This is where it is certainly well worthwhile engaging the assistance of experts in drug testing services, technical processes and systems. There are very few scenarios we haven’t encountered before and we pride ourselves on innovation and solutions to address sometimes complex problems.

We work with you on each step of the implementation process with as much or as little support as you need to get your program in place and operating as seamlessly as you could wish for.

A good starting point would be to contact our professional staff for a confidential discussion. From there we can help you to formulate an effective and compliant implementation and monitoring strategy.

If you’re just about to explore addressing drug & alcohol use in the workplace or already some way down the path and finding yourself in a pickle; reach out to us as we are very likely to be able to help.