Fit4duty has been performing workplace drug & alcohol testing in Brisbane and throughout the rest of Queensland since 2000. In fact this is the home of our national Head Office which is located in Brisbane’s beautiful south east.

We service a massive area spanning from Brisbane west to Goondiwindi, Cunnamulla and Quilpie, north to Mt Isa, and Normanton, across to Port Douglas, the entire east coast south to Tweed Heads, the Darling Downs and hundreds of Cities and regional areas in between.

Fit4Duty has direct employees throughout the Queensland region providing on-site service to mining, rail, transport, energy, oil and gas and many other industry sectors.

We have staff located in all Major Cities and regional areas.

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Drug & Alcohol Usage in Queensland

Drug & Alcohol Positive Rate for Qld – 15 year profile (Matrix: Breath Alcohol/ Urine)

Drug and alcohol testing statistics performed by Fit4Duty using oral fluid are markedly different within Queensland to those of urine drug testing presented above. The period presented again covers 15 years to May 2015), however noting a substantial increase in the prevalence of oral fluid drug testing since 2005.

Positive alcohol drug tests account for more than half of all positive drug tests in Queensland (when the drug testing medium is oral fluid). The most prolific illicit drugs when testing with oral fluid remain marijuana, methamphetamines and amphetamine

Historical drug and alcohol testing data performed by Fit4Duty spanning 15 years to 2015 (urine & breath alcohol) indicates that marijuana is the most prolific drug class used throughout Queensland.

Methamphetamine and amphetamine collectively comprise almost 20% of drug usage in this region when the drug collection matrix is based on urine.

Drug & Alcohol Positive Rate for Qld – 15 year profile (Matrix: Breath Alcohol/ Saliva)