drug and alcohol testing equipment

drug and alcohol testing equipment to help your internal testing programs

Some organisations provide test kits to their staff for self-testing as well as performing emergency testing “in-house”.

To help with this requirement we supply specialist drug and alcohol testing equipment through our sister company; “Drug & Alcohol Testing Equipment”

The drug testing kits & equipment available includes;

  • Urine Drug Testing Kits – individual cassettes that test for single drug classes or kits and cups that test for multiple drug classes at the same time. There are also cups that tests for common masking agents and adulterants automatically.
  • Saliva Drug Testing Kits – a variety of saliva (oral fluid) based drug screening devices that can be performed on-site.
  • Breath Alcohol Testing Equipment– a variety of alcohol breath testing equipment including hand held and wall mounted units.
  • Laboratory Confirmation Packs – a variety of laboratory packs used to send urine or saliva samples to the laboratory for confirmation testing.

We have a large range of drug testing kits & equipment with ISO 9001 (2015) warehousing, cold-room and reliable shipping