health & safety

This is our commitment to our employees, clients, the public and other stakeholders:

why introduce a workplace drug testing serviceFit4Duty Pty Ltd is dedicated to the safety and welfare of all people employed by the organisation. This includes internal staff, temporary & casual employees working at client sites.

Fit4Duty will work with clients to strive for no injuries in the workplace.  We will adopt the principles outlined in the risk and injury management plans, train our people in understanding the importance of sound OHS and risk management processes, provide inductions, training and consultation processes to ensure they are aware and can deal with OHS issues, have an avenue to report potential hazards and be genuinely involved in making work places safe.

To deliver on this commitment Fit4Duty will:

  • Communicate Health & Safety procedures to all employees and other stakeholders as appropriate to ensure they are aware of their obligations in respect to the operations being undertaken;
  • Comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations and statutory obligations;
  • Ensure that health and safety management practices are incorporated into business activities;
  • Maintain and monitor health and safety performance indicators;
  • Seek to continually improve the health and safety performance; and
  • Periodically review and revise this policy to ensure its relevance.