Fit4Duty has an exemplary environmental record. Through a myriad of measures we have not encountered a single environmental breach or improvement instruction during more than 19 years of operation.

Fit4Duty, in its role as a national Drug & Alcohol Testing Provider, is committed to embracing environmental management goals within all of its activities.


Fit4Duty recognises its role in making responsible decisions to enhance Australia’s environmental sustainability. Managers and Supervisors are responsible for communicating our joint responsibility to all staff.

environmental impact reduction

We will:

  • Establish programs and quantitative targets to minimise pollution and to meet principal environmental challenges including improved efficiency of resource use, minimising waste generation and reducing discharges to the environment arising from Fit4Duty’s activities.
  • Work with our clients and other stakeholders to help them achieve their environmental objectives and obligations.
    Remain committed to developing and sustaining a fully documented Environmental Management System (EMS):

    • This system will provide the framework to comply with legislative requirements, contractual obligations and the measurement of continual improvement targets and outcomes;
    • Fit4Duty aspires to be an exemplary model for other organisations operating in the Drug & Alcohol Testing field.
  • Periodically review and revise our Environmental Policy and procedures to maintain their relevance.
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